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Challenge Guidelines

Challenge Guidelines

Your Mission: Design your OWN Spinoff from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope technology!

NASA technology is created for space exploration and much of this exciting technology is modified to be used for other purposes here on Earth. NASA calls these technology transfers Spinoffs and, like OPTIMUS PRIME, Spinoffs may come from Space to help solve problems on Earth! There is more Space in your life than meets the eye!

For the grades 9-12 OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff and Research Challenge (OPSPARC), you will work in a team of up to four people to learn about technology and Spinoffs related to one of NASA's most exciting missions: the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

JWST will let astronomers see the first light of the Universe, watch galaxies collide, see stars and planets being born and find and study exoplanets.

You and your team will use the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to develop your OWN innovations from JWST next generation technology.

Thinking like engineers, your team will create a Glog Multimedia Poster to showcase your work. Using text, images, and video, your team will create a digital poster to share your Spinoff innovation.

First step: Make sure you and your team members have registered for the Challenge.

Next step: Follow the Steps to Complete the 9-12 Glog document for specific directions for the Challenge. This guide helps you gather the information needed for your Glog. Make sure you also check out all of the Student Research Resources.

Last step: Post your finished Glog Multimedia Posters on or before the March 8, 2016 deadline. Once posted, your Glog may be selected for one of two honors (or both!)

  1. Public Voting: Your Glogs may be one of the 10 Glogs included in the Public Voting.
  2. InWorld OPSPARC: Based on your Glogs, your team may be one of the 20 teams selected for the InWorld OPSPARC experience where you will team with a college engineering mentor within a 3D multi-user virtual world. Within the virtual world, your team will have an opportunity to interact with JWST researchers and professionals and the winning InWorld team will be invited to NASA Goddard Space Flight to present your new Spinoff innovation to the JWST team. Find out more about this InWorld OPSPARC experience here.

Grades 9-12

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