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Challenge Guidelines

Challenge Guidelines

OPTIMUS PRIME wants YOU to showcase your NASA knowledge in a Glog!

Your Mission: Search for Spinoffs in your Environment

NASA technology is created for space exploration- and much of the technology improves life here on Earth as well. Spinoffs are like OPTIMUS PRIME- they come from Space to solve problems on Earth! Now, it’s your turn to learn about an existing NASA Spinoff Technology and think about how you could adapt it to make the world around you a better place.

Using a combination of text, images and videos, complete your Glogster Multimedia Posters (Glogs) to share your own Spinoff invention with NASA.

Your Glogster Multimedia Posters should include:

  • Research NASA Spinoff Technology and tell us what you find out in the “What is Spinoff Technology?” text box.
  • Pick one NASA Spinoff and use the engineering design process (EDP) to create your own invention that uses this technology to solve a problem you identify in your home, school or neighborhood.
  • Make a prototype of your invention and upload a picture or drawing of it into your Glog.
  • Record a video (up to 3 minutes) that explains what you have invented and how it can solve a problem in your world.
  • Complete your Glogster Multimedia Posters by answering the questions in the text boxes provided and by adding as many images and videos as you like to explain how your Spinoff invention will work!
  • Feel free to add any other elements to your Glogster Multimedia Posters to demonstrate your understanding of Spinoff Technology and to show off your creativity!
Steps to guide you through challenge

Step 1: Register
  • You may work in a team of up to four people or work as an individual to learn about technology and Spinoffs.
  • If you are working in a team, make sure you all of the team members have registered for the Challenge.
  • If you work as a team, you will be submitting ONE Glog but every individual member must register.
    Learn about registering as an individual or as a team.
Step 2: Engineering a Multimedia Posters
  • As you begin to engineer your solution, make sure you follow the steps listed in Steps to Complete the Middle School OPSPARC
  • Use the Middle School Design Packet to help organize your thinking and follow the guidelines.
  • Make sure you check out the Research Resources Section to help you start your research for information but don’t rely only on those sources.
  • Download your NASA OPSPARC Template. Make sure you choose the Middle School grade level!
  • Be inventive, creative and think out of the box and create your NASA OPSPARC Glog
  • Have Fun!
Step 3: Submit Your Glog
  • Make sure you submit your Glog by the March 8, 2016, 11:59pm EST deadline (not a minute later!)

Good luck!
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